Friday, December 11, 2009

right outside my front door, a bush is covered in ice.
My neighbors extension cord was brought down by icicles.

I havent been in this much cold since I lived in Massachusetts. There was one day in Massachusetts when it was so cold I couldnt move my hands and I started crying...wahh it was too cold. I remember when the weather went up to 40F I felt like I was in summer heaven.

Today I went with Bella to her Kindergarten class to volunteer. I got to cut ribbons, staple 2 different books for 40 children and cut red tissue paper for some Christmas craft. I took Franklin with me, he did really good coloring right by my side. My favorite part of the day was reading the kid's wish list to Santa. They drew and colored a big Santa, and the teacher typed out "All I want for Christmas is:_______________" My kid asked for a BopIt. There were some for Transformers, Easy Bake Ovens, a new puppy. And there were about 3 'I dont know's and 1 'I forgot'.

I really like helping out but Fridays I usually like to clean up the house, as I write, there's a mountain of dishes and laundry in the dryer, some in the washer some on the floor. I feel pretty good about going with Beli. She is a smarty pants, and today the teacher told me so.

I am now going to go decide if I am going to leave the dishes for tomorrow or pull an all nighter by my kitchen sink.......hmmmmmmmmmmmmm?

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Happy Birthday Zach!

Today, 34 years ago a little boy was born, then I married him later on. Happy Birthday to Zach. You're funny and that keeps you young and me smiling. Hope all your wishes come true!

Monday, December 7, 2009

I love these pictures of my Bella. We went to visit Tio Danny the week after Halloween. We took a hike up to the capitol building. Can you say "burn baby burn!" I think my daughter is going to be a great tourist when she grows up. Check out her 'touristical' poses! I think she gets her comidic side from her dad and her super intelligence from her mom...whoa, am I modest or what!
Franklin came with me to get glasses. Isnt he just the custest thing in the planet!
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no more glasses

This is me at the very beginning of the year. These are actually brand new glasses from Sam's Club. They didnt fit my small challenged face. And since Sam's sells them pretty cheap, they have a very limited choice of frames.
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New Eyes

My lovely husband felt bad that every morning I'd wake up making making the squintiest face. You see, I couldnt see. I needed to wear glasses to see even the closest of things. I wore contact lenses for the most part and at night I would wear my super old glasses that Bella broke when we still lived in Utah. Me being the super simple woman, I didnt care about having ugly broken glasses because I only wore them at night, right after brushing my teeth and going to snoringland. So in March of 2009, Zach gave me the gift of sight. PRK, a form of laser surgery, that HURTS like a mother......but hey, I dont need glasses anymore, I will need them in my 40's to read. But for now I am glasses-free!

recuerdos 2009

I sit here in disbelief, trying to remember this year, I really feel like it's only the beginning and not December 2009. It was so sweet of my family to drive hundreds of miles to come visit my mom this Summer. My mom came from Mexico to see us, she went to Arizona then I invited her to come visit me in Idaho. She got on a plane to come over and because of this, Leticia, Gustavo, Nacho and Danny all drove to my casita to see her. I love my family, it'd be so nice if we all lived closer to one another. Drama and all.

Bye 2009!

The end of this year is coming fast. I am still getting used to writing "2009" for the dates. 2010 seems so strange to me, I hope I can get used to it fast.

This year has been very kind to me and my little family. My children and healthy and happy. We are all healthy and surrounded by good neighbors and friends. Our families live far but we keep them close in our thoughts.

This year had many momentous ocassions. On May 7th, 2009 I "turned American" (quoted by my 5 year old Bella). I became a naturalized U.S. citizen. It was a major accomplishment that was both a great triumph and a sad one as well, not because it meant I am no longer mexican, I will always be mexican, in fact, I am pretty sure I can be a citizen of both countries, but it was bittersweet because my sister Mari was not there to share with me this moment and the sad thing is that she is being denied this gift "permanently". I do want to say, however, that in the massive group of nations that day, I was the happiest and most grateful. People around me seemed almost somber about the whole event. I know a great many people who would love to be in their shoes and would show their enthusiasm to the world.