Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Chachis loved all the bodies she could cuddle up with
Franklin and George-o
Bella is static!!!!
Flores y Chabela
Zach chilling on the couch!

Solecita y Chabelita are BFFs
How many slices of pizza do you want Nacho?
Georgia is happy
Franklin is watching Gustavito speeding down the hill
Rolling down the driveway at high speeds

Chabelita smiling for the camera
Maddy, playing and smiling
Franklin sans shirt...our cooler not cool at all.
Mama Irene, Gustavo, Leti y Sol taking a break

Aqui: Sol, Tio Danny and Maddy doing dessert-decor
Danny is trapped by a cutie pie girl

Gustavo, Gus jr., Judy, Georgia, Leti, Mari, Emi, Danny and Chachis, Nacho
Maddy, Abuelita Irene, Solecita, Solesota, Franklin, el Angel de Cielo y Chabelita la princess.
not pictured: Zach was taking a shower : (

Sol B. is ready for the photo shoot, but not abuelita.

Grandkids, Abuelita Irene in the middle of all the children.

Here's the Man of the Hour. My brother's little boy....A boy after 4 beautiful girls...special gift!
I got into this blog and had to sweep away the spider's been very long since I last wrote in this blog. I think it's about time to do it again since a whole lot of blessings have come in to my life.
****My mom came to visit from Mexico and she was just going to go to Arizona to run a few errands, but she decided to come all the way up to Idaho. As a result of this we ended up having a mini family reunion. It was fun, the only thing I didnt like was that time went by soooo fast!

Mama Irene was always busy.
Georgia and Maddy, Happy sisters

****My Brother Gustavo and his beautiful family also made the trek up to visit. I got to meet his new little son who is an sweet. He is a happy and energetic kid. It was so neat to watch him and Franklin play together, we have to make a trip to California to have more playdates. His girls (4) are taller than me....except for Sol, the youngest, who also shares my name. I am very proud of the girls, not only are they gorgeous, but they are also smart and hard-working.
Emily doing her super-girl pose!

**** Leti, her awesome daughter and my brother Nacho (Elias Ignacio) drove from Washington, they had a little bit of a late start but finally made it in one piece. My brother decided to be funny and called me as they were pulling up in front of our house..he said: "Hey Sol, we are lost and the truck broke down" I was ready to go do a search and rescue when he opened the door! Big punk!!! I gave him a tight squeeze of a hug, maybe too tight, Sorry Nacho! But I missed you, I squeeze people I miss!

***And last but not least, the coolest brother, uncle, son in the world Tio Danny also made super long and lonely trip up from Utahtan. He took the girls out for a nice ride into Boise. I also have to go visit you Danny, the only problem is that the kiddos always re-decorate your apartment when we visit...more like they mess it up a lot...or is it me? Hmmmm? Echale la culpa a los ninos!

All in all we had a good time, we ate, we reminisced, we ate and visited with eachother...watched movies, went to parks and rivers and lakes and got bit by mosquitos.
When family gets together it's always such a joy, specially if you havent seen eachother in a long while. Last time I saw Gus and Co. was on my wedding day....Aug31,2002. Nacho and Leti I saw fairly recently, but still, it was so nice to see them. Mom, I saw her during turkey day of 2007, so it had been a while and Danny, I see him often, he came up for Bella's birthday. I love Danny! Everyone loves Danny 'cause he's dang beautiful!