Saturday, June 20, 2009

I just found that picture of my little family in Zach's work computer, I wish I could write Bennett with awesome english-style letters accross the top like the homies write on the back of their sweet rides (Martinez) or some prefer to write the name of their home state "Michoacan". Yeah, but I dont know how! Just imagine it!

I love to get into these blogs and see what people are doing and how they make their lives more fun. I just checked a blog of Zach's cousin's wife, holy cow she is creative and modern. In there I found another blog and holy cow she is creative, here it is:
I never even thought you could do something so beautiful with such simple things. So in conclusion, I am not creative but I love to dream about how it would be if I were....ahhhh, it would be nice!

Have a great weekend whoever gets in here to read my forgotten writtings. I am going to get more creative about making time to write.