Sunday, February 20, 2011

Fun day at the Park

 We had a great day at the park on Saturday, temperature was about 55 degrees Farenheit, the following Tuesday we were blessed with a snow/ice storm. I am glad we went to the park when the weather was kind.

The Saturday before Valentine's Day (2-12-11) Boise was blessed with a beautiful sunny day. I took advantage of this gorgeous weather to take the little monkeys to the park to feed the duckies. We had a blast playing all over the park. The park has an over abundance of geese in the pond, there are a few ducks there, so we mostly feed giant geese. Bella spent most of the time running away from geese, I told her to shoo them away, and all they did was move their long necks back for about 3 seconds, then they were back to begging for bread pieces. When we were done with the bread we walked over the the awesome playground where the kids climbed on all the games there. Then we went over the bridge to the wooden house and finally over to the lake to throw rocks in the Boise River. What a fun day.

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Goofy kids by the river
Me and my Boy
The girl pretending to fish
This guy loves to throw rocks in the river


It's official, my girl loves to have haircuts. On Feb. 11th Bella got herself a cool haircut. Check it out!