Thursday, September 18, 2008

Disc Golfmania

Zach is in love with this sport. He is pretty good at, ok, ok, he is so great at it he may soon be the most famous, professional disc golfer in the whole state! Go Zach!!!

Funny Man!

Last Friday Night, Zach and I went to watch Jim Gaffigan in Boise, he performed at the Morrison Center. I really liked Jim because he was very clean in his language. Most comedians like to curse like they have the devil in their mouths, why? no need to be vulgar to be funny. There are many excellent comedians that dont swear. I like Ellen Degenerous for that reason, Bill Cosby, anyways, a bunch. After the show we stuck around for almost an hour to get Jim's autograph, he was pretty cool, down to earth and I appreciate that in famous people, you know what? famous people are still people, they just have a little more talent at performing, maybe they are lucky, some may be pretty to look at, but at the end of the day they are just people, they get hungry, they have feelings, and so I conclude my Gaffigan shpill with: He was a funny guy, he was down to earth, not the prettiest man to look at, but he's cool (The Sexy Tour, should be changed though because in his skit all he talked about was BACON, being Lazy and the famous Hot that last item with the jingle please for maximum funny effect). Zach had Jim autograph one of his many many discs. When he got it he asked, what is this? Zach said "it is a disc golf disc, you play disc golf with it! Have you ever heard of this sport?" to the which JG said "Whattadaya throw it to a pin or what? I think you're making this up" then in his secondary weirded out sounding voice he mimicked Zach "I'll tell him its a special golf disc and he'll buy it!"

We had a lot of fun. We dont go on many dates so thanks to Paula and Don for hanging out with the 2 coolest kids in the universe, thanks u guys!
Mother nature likes to play with my emotions! At night she sends us crispy cold weather and in the day toasty hot weather, Zach turned on the heater 2 nights ago. Last night I just closed the windows and the house was just fine! I like not having to fire up the heater or crank on the AC. I guess that time is not yet here because I had to turn on the AC.

Franklin is a walking boy, almost a running boy. Last Thursday night he decided to catch himself from falling on the driveway, he got a pretty nice scrape on his forehead. I would say a good 2 inches tall and 1 inch wide. I am taking care of a little neighbor, (one month older than my angel) he too fell at his house, scraping his nose, right on the tip, nice and big. I went to Target and took all my kids, mine and the borrowed ones. That must have been an interesting trip to the store, I didn't get any dirty looks from other customers. Don saw us before we went to the store, he said: "I hope people don't think you beat these poor boys!"
Franklin's forehead is clear, it healed in less than 1 week. Yeah! But now he's got a cold! Yeah! It never ends!