Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Happy Child

I think Franklin is handsome, not just because he is my son, but look at him... what a cutie!!! (typical mother!)

Picture this...

For Father's Day I decided to have the girls do something for their dads that would keep them busy and and be nice at the same time. We went to Michaels Craft store yesterday and got some super plain picture frames, I got paint and cool color stones, I guess they are used for accenting flower vases, I thought it would be cute to put these around the frame after it was painted. Jackie chose green stones because her dad's favorite color is green and ms. Bella chose a cool light blue for her Papo's frame. I bought a hot glue gun for about $3, my first hot glue gun ever!!! The excitement was pretty high until I had a little wad of melted plastic fall on my finger, HOT HOT HOT it burned pretty good, and trying to remove the plastic didnt make it any better. Anyway, the frames look good, I need to take a picture of the dads with their respective kids to put in the frames. When I get that I will put a picture of that here to show the world that I lack in the 'crafty' department but have pretty good intentions of making the dads feel super important and loved by their offspring.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Celebratory Lunch for Nacho

Summer is here and it doesnt feel like it. We have been having cloudy skies and rain since forever. I am not complaining because I love the rain, especially like the one we received on the evening of Memorial day. It really came down hard! Rain makes the world seem fresher and greener. It also reminds me of fun times when I lived in Mexico as a kid. My siblings and I loved to play in the rain and jump in puddles. Sometimes we would find little tadpoles in the puddles.
A lot of good things have happened to our family. I would say that one of the highlights would be having my brother Elias Ignacio, or Nacho, graduate from college this June 7, 2008. I am so proud of him and the hard work he performed to achieve such a great achievement. He is so humble about it too, I love it! I took some pictures of our visit, but half of them were downloaded to his computer to make room for more pictures, then when there was more room, the battery died...dang it!!!
So bare with me. We also got to spend time with Leti, our oldest sister and her cute daughter Mari. Mari and I stayed up extra late telling eachother scary stories...uuuuy I am still scared!