Monday, August 23, 2010

Stinker's 3

Three years ago Franklin was born. He is the cutest boy in the whole house, ok ok, in the whole world! He has made us all so happy. He is talented and funny. He loves sports and loves to torment his sisters, Chachis and Bella. We are so blessed to have him in the family. Franklin is COOL.

"Hey how's it going everybody, I am new around here" Franklin on Aug22nd 2007
halfway thru, on the go.
Somebody likes OREO's
Almost 3...
Then....the big 3. Happy birthday precious child! We love you so much. SO MUCH!


Bella's rock business is going well thanks to the manufacturing efforts of Papo. She is a good salesperson. I am a wimp when it comes to sales. She is trying to earn money to buy a spy kit for kids. Here is Bella reading up on how to become a spy. And the other one is of her in her natural habitat, a tree, because she is part monkey!