Monday, November 29, 2010

Thanksgiving came and went just as fast as this whole year. I can't believe this year is practically over. It has gone by so fast, and if it werent for some pictures we took, I would be in disbelief. So for Thanksgiving this year we went to visit Grandma Bennett, the Great Grandmother of my 2 little monkeys and so many many many others. The food was delicious and the company was great. We visited with the Crawfords: Aunt Carolyn and Uncle Ed, Colleen & Robert (although Robert worked the whole time we were there, very nice Robert, thanks for all your hard work, Kayla, Barb and their gorgeous children. Burke and Julie also joined the party. It was nice to see my beautiful nieces and handsome nephews. They are so tall, those boys! Uncle Gene and his super fashionable wife Phyllis were there as well as Uncle Lynn and his sweet wife Alice. Here is what the phone cam captured. Enjoy Bennetts.

Welcome to Grandmother's House

Good ol' Preston brick houses

Burke & Julie's familia

supermodel Jazzie

Uncle Lynn

Robert in action

Crawford grandkids

sleeping beautifully:  Kennedy

Alice, Lynn, Phyllis and Gene heading out

check out the icicle in the background

Zach was making everyone laugh, shocker!

Rivals? Hmmmmm?

Time to eat, check out the rolls, they didnt last!

Beautiful Julie

Perry's gorgeous daughters Mindy and Kimber

Perry said he wants to be just like Tom Brady

Jazzie going back home : (


Grandma, resting a bit

Sparks under Zach's seat, this time it was an electric one!seat cut thru plastic of cable, sounded like firecrackers and looked like it too

Thanksgiving 2010

We decided to go to Zach's grandmother's house for Thanksgiving this year. She lives is the Preston area. Our family car had really bad tires, so I went to go get some new tires so as to not slip off the road on our way there. The weather is unusually cold in our area, and that means that Southeast Idaho is even worse. I started off at stupid Costco, there was a line of about 5 people in the tire department, when it was my turn, I was told by the guy there, (who was not very friendly) that for 2 tires it would be about 130, plus the install fee. And that the wait time was about 5 hours. So, off I went, across the street to Commercial Tire. The guy there was actually super friendly but that the waiting time would be 3-4 hours at the minimum. Then I went next door to Les Schwab...There were more people there than in an emergency room (a busy one :)). So feeling discouraged, I headed toward the office. At the corner of walk and dont walk, I looked to the right and saw a Big-O Tire. So I decided to try there also. There weren't very many people in there store, so I thought this would be the place we'd finally get the tires we so needed. The lady there told me there was a waiting time of about 3-4 hours. I told her, "well, I guess well have to rely on prayer to get us there safely" She told me to go to their store on State St. Thank goodness for that tip, we went there and got new tires in about 1.5 hours. Those tires were much needed because the road was pretty slippery. We saw a semitruck ran out of the freeway, it was carrying about 10 new cars. Zach said "That guy is pretty much fired by now". So following I will post some of the pics I took with my little phone. I really enjoyed Zach's family. Grandma Bennett is a real gem, because of her, there are many many many wonderful people in my life.
the view outside our car. It was blasted cold and oh so windy. brrrrrrrrrrr!