Thursday, August 28, 2008

We're going to the Fair!

I wanted to do something neat for Franklin's Birthday, so as a family we went to the Eastern Idaho Fair. It was pretty good. I am not so sure that Franklin enjoyed it that much. It was mighty hot and he got to ride his stroller a pretty good majority of the time. I was hot too. There were a bunch of rides. Bella got to ride a lot of them. That's all I have to say about the fair.
Bella got her hair done up so that the heat wouldnt bother her. I got my inspiration from Michelle Warner, a friend who does hair and told me about a blog that gives people ideas for doing girl's hair
Franklin and Bella both got ballons from a ballon-artist/clown lady. The balloons were shortly popped and lost.
Later that night, Franklin, lost his long beautiful wild hair. Here he is before the homemade haircut

This is one happy customer!

If you ever do this after a haircut, then you are a happy customer.

Franklin Cumple 1!

Franklin gets his milk supply for the trip.
Bella's all buckled up!
Papo's the pilot.
For Franklin's Birthday, we did nothing too special. I didnt "build" Franklin a cake, but I wanted him to have a sweet treat, pastry-like, so we went to.... KrispyKream, we bought 4 donuts and 2 milks. It was simple and fun.