Friday, February 18, 2011

What I learned today

I got to see "Who do You Think YOu ARe" on NBC tonight.  The featured celebrity was Rosie O'Donell. I learned that her mom passed away when Rosie was only 10 yrs. old. All I knew about this lady was that she is a comedian, she's done a couple of movies, she had a talk show, and that she has been pretty controversial. The controversial part of her maybe has to do with the fact that she was left without a mommy at a very tender age. We see famous people on tv get put thru the toilet by the media, the gossip shows, and those ridiculous tacky magazines by the checkout stand in the grocery stores.
This is what I learned from Ms. O'Donnell: No matter who you are, there's always an unknown history behind the person. We can't judge people from just looking at their 'shell'.
  I did not know that Ireland had a famine in the 1800's. And that the poorest of the poor were placed in warehouse-like shelters, where the families were separated. This was the case with O'Donnell's ancestors and for some reason, some benefactors allowed them to be sent to Canada. Basically they were rescued from death because, people who lived in these shelters died from disease and hunger.
I thought about how there are so many nations currently who suffer from oppression, or poverty, war or whatever. Every country has had their struggles, just like every person in the planet has their own battles, but somehow, if there is a willing spirit, or a willing people,  there will always be a triumphant story to tell. Well, I am so sleepy and I am sure this is not making much sense, so I will revise tomorrow and make the necessary changes. g'nite mates!

sleeping horse

Friday, February 18th 2011
The children and I went to the library today after Beli got out of school. We walked there, so as to 'exercise' my biggo body. We normally go all the way to State Street, but today, I decided to take different path, so we could see the lambs. Across the street from the lambs, are 2 horse. We also say hi to them. Today, however, the old white horse was laying down, perfectly still. I kept staring at its tummy to see if it was going up and down, but I didnt see that. It was pretty far from the fence, so I thought, maybe it's asleep. I told Bels that we would come home the same way and check on the little white horse. Well, an hour later, the horse was in the same spot, sleeping still, oh, I forgot to mention, the eyes were open. And the younger brown horse was standing next to the laying down horse. I looked around to see if any of the human neighbors were around, the house across from the horse field had 3 people coming out of it. I looked at them with a concerned face and before I even asked anything, one of the ladies said "SHE IS". She is what? Well, dead, is what she meant. Awww! Darn it! I asked who the owner was and the other lady said she was. She said that no one would be able to take her away until Monday. Today is Friday. She said the mare was 30 years old and that normally they live up to 25 years. So the little white horse went 5 years above the expectations. I was a bit worried that Bel, at her tender 6 years old would have been crushed that a little animal lost it's life, but she seemed fine. Maybe she didnt quite understand the "SHE IS" comment.
So today I saw a dead horse. And it made me sad. I dont think I will ever own a horse but if I did, and it died, I'd be pretty devastated.

Our neighbor: free in horse heaven