Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Familia Moose on the Loose!

We were coming home on Sunday after spending time with Zach's family and to our surprise a moose family came running down the road, we stopped and took a picture as fast as I could. There were 2 big moose and a smaller one. Pretty neat, no creen? (dont you think?)
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It's cold mom!

OK I will be silly for you!

Here's a big smile for you and your friends!
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Last Friday, October 3rd, I woke up early and decided to go for a walk with the most beautiful boy in the world. When I was headed out of our street, I was pretty awe struck with the powerful sunrise and then I caught a little spark coming from the ground, I thought maybe I found a shiny diamond ring or something valuable like that, well, I caught a beautiful sight of nature's morning gems. The grass and weeds were elegantly dressed with perfect dew. That really brightened my day. The dew looked to me like really priceless jewels and that pretty much made my day. And not to mention the toothy-mega smiles from Franklin. I am really grateful for life's simple gifts to me. Thank you life, you are very kind!



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