Thursday, November 12, 2009

Here's the other one

So on Sunday Nov. 1st I woke up startled due to a bad nightmare. I dreamnt that my brother and I were walking down a city street on a clear evening, just him and I. We walked by a light post that had a really evil-looking man just perching on it, about 20 feet up the post. He looked at us with the most vicious eyes. I made a quiet comment to Danny "that guy looks so evil" the which Danny replied "I know, let's hurry home". We walked pretty fast to his apartment building . When we got to it, he gave me his keys and said, you go in first, so I did, when I went into the 1st gate, the gate slammed shut, then I see Danny running toward the gate, and I cant open it from the inside, the evil guy is right behind him and grabs him. I try and try to open the gate by sticking my hand thru the bars but cant get the keys in the keyhole....then the guy punches Danny. I woke up right then and there and wasnt able to go back to sleep. I worried that whole morning, wondering if he was ok. He didnt answer his phone. After Church I get a call from our mom who is in Mexico. She states that she is worried about Danny cause she called him and found out he had been in a car accident that morning. WHAT? She had been on the phone with me for about 30seconds, long enough to tell me the previous sentence, and then he calls. So I talked with him and he told me he had been in a car accident and his car was completely gone.

That's why I decided to go visit him to make sure he was ok. He was ok, a little shaken, obviously as anyone would be. I am glad that nothing major happened to him.

I am kind of freaked out about the dream, as I usually am wakened by nightmares, mainly concerning my little brother. I dont think I have a gift by any means, I think my mind goes into overdrive, sensing trouble. I do think I have a gift of discerning people's spirit's or their sincerity.

That's about it. So that was my nightmare. I have had more but of course I cant remember cause I didn't write it down and not so significant that they made a strong impression on my mind.


I have been having a bunch of nightmares for the last 3 weeks. There are just a couple that I remember. I will write down the one I had last night because it was pretty realistic.
I dreamed that Franklin got lost in crowded place. We looked and looked and couldnt find him. I remember Zach saying, "he'll eventually turn up", the more we looked the bigger the crowd got. It was pretty scary. That was the dream, I must have not been in a deep sleep because just then, I heard a big thump of a noise coming from Franklin's room. So I dashed my sleepy self out there to check on him. He was in his crib, with his booty in the air, unconvered, so I tucked him in nice and warm. Then I ran to check on Bella, she too was comfortably asleep, in her extra hot room. Then I remembered that the newspaper had been right outside the front door, so that's where the thump came from, the paper carrier has a pretty good arm and chucks the paper so hard it hits the front door pretty forcefully. I was glad I found the cause of the noise.
In reality, Franklin did get away from me 2 times in the last 10 days. 1st time in the SLC library, we were in the basement level, where the children's section is, he loves running around anywhere, specially in such a kid friendly place, he took off screaming, and I followed toward the books, but he took a turn to the exit, got on the glass elevator, went the 2ND floor. Bella and I looked all over the basement, we notified the lady at the desk there, and she seemed so carefree. I was on the verge on panicking, but controlled myself because I didn't want Bella to get scared. I asked the librarian if she could please notify all the staff there that a little 2yr old was missing. She replied: ah, I'll let the security guard know. (with the most 'indifferent tone' of voice) I wanted her to alert every single person who worked there. Anyway, I went to the main floor and nothing, then the security guard came in, we went to the basement again, he left me there and left to check the other floors. I knew my boy wasn't on the basement so we ascended via stairs to the higher levels, then the guard signalled me to follow him, he was sitting at the librarian's desk, with the saddest face ever. Apparently he took a trip on the elevator up to the 2ND level, ran around then tried to get out the back glass doors, the alarm went off and the workers there detained my little guy. When he saw me, he quickly slipped off the chair and ran to me. I then held him all the way to where I had left his stroller, then I strapped him in. He wasn't going anywhere after that.
Once we got back home, he got away once again. We were getting Bella some shoes at a Shopko, he took off and the whole store went a-searching. Code Green they called it. He was hiding under a clothing rack, doing his business! It's pretty terrifying when a little kid goes missing. I wasnt as scared when it happened in the store, there was only 1 exit and the staff was so nice and helpful. But when it happened in SLC. I was sweating bullets, on the verge of tears. So many people at that place, many of whom are 'not all there' holy cow! I am so relieved I got him back.
So back to my dream last night. Franklin getting lost. It seemed to real. So I am going to consider getting a kiddy-leash or maybe a locator chip. He's our little monkey.


Monday, November 9, 2009

At church yesterday, we learned about Elijah. Turning the hearts of the fathers to the hearts of their children. I really want to know of my ancestors, I talked to my mom last night briefly about who she remembers in her family. There was her mom and dad, who have both passed away. I wrote this down in a notebook at home, I dont have it with me at the moment, but I will record it later. My mom-in-law is an expert in doing family history research, however, it's a little tough when records are not properly kept. I know I will find a way to learn about my ancestors, I am pretty sure they are cool people. I have an aunt in southern California, I should call her and get more information from her. I am sure she'll know more.