Sunday, August 19, 2012

3rd Grade, now and then

who is happy to start school? This girl is!
Tomorrow is going to be the first day of the academic school year for my girl. She is going to start 3rd grade. She is very happy to go to school again. She has all her school supplies in her backpack and she is ready to tackle another year of school. I can remember vaguely my 3rd grade of grade school. My teacher's name was 'Maestra Filomena' something like that... She had an ugly first name and she was an ugly teacher in the way of treating us kids. During that time,my mom would comb my hair and would make 2 beyond- tight braids which she securely set in place with lime juice directly from the lime fruit

 Those braids were set for a long time. I mean my hair felt more like a helmet than hair...I write with detail about my hair because this witch of a teacher (FILOMENAAAA) would yank on my braids if I even blinked the wrong way. She also liked to sport her yard stick on my hands, WHACK!!!...dang! I hated school in Mexico..teachers were always mean and I was always hungry...not much has changed with the hunger issue. It was in the 3rd grade also that I got into a fist fight with a young boy named Carlos. I did this to defend my little brother from his bullying. I won that battle pretty  good. Anyhow..I am happy my girl will not have to deal with craziness like i did at her age. FILOMENAAAA! (say in whisper for a more dramatic effect)