Friday, February 4, 2011

I am willing to bet this is the way many a bloggers start their blogs: "It's been such a long time since I last wrote..." So I wont do that, but it's kind of true. Lots of good things have been happening here. I like to write things that the children do that make me smile. I have to say I have some funny kids, not to mention cuter than I dont know what.
The older kid is a girl, and she likes to show that she is older by offering her words of wisdom. This here line made me fall to the ground laughing:
"Franklin, everyone makes mistakes, ok? even me" Well, who knew that my 'perfect' little monkey princess made mistakes? that was news to me! I was thinking she would say "Everyone makes mistakes, even the Bishop" someone that in her little mind seemed perfect in behavior and I guess it's good that she feels that way about herself.
A few days before that, my honest son, stared at my face as if he were studying it. He was sitting on my lap. And after a few seconds, he looks me straight in the eyes and with a serious tone, he say "Mama, you have a big nose!"
These guys are funny. I do have a big nose and it works perfectly. I told him  "Thanks Franklin!" he responded: "you velcom momma!"
The ninos at a furniture store acting "perfect", yeah right!