Thursday, May 8, 2008

La Familia

Here we all are this Thursday night

Los Chiles

Today My beautiful husband got my mom's day present, and I LOVE IT it is a bunch of little plants of jalapeños...I am going to care for them as if they were my niños.

Que Bonito Jueves!!!!

Today I had the honor of speaking with one of my favorite persons in the whole wide world. I decided that Bella is slowly but surely taking over the house with her toys and crayons and books, so I decided to condense all the toys in one room, as I was picking up stuff, an old address book (that I bought in a flea market in Stockton a long time ago) came up. I opened it and the page opened in the "B"s I saw the name Francoise Barnett, this beautiful lady was my French teacher when I was a 9th and 10th grader. I decided to dial her number and voila! she answered!!!She loves to travel so I imagined she would be out, but no she answered! She was a powerful teacher and I have to say that of all the teachers I have had she has made a gigantic impression in my life. Her lessons were explosively energetic. She is great educator and a compassionate soul. I love her as if she were family. I am super blessed to have such a special person in life.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Busy Days

Spring is finally here. The weather is perfect, not too hot and not cold at all. I am happy that we are all getting over a pretty bad cold...Franklin has his 1st little toothy, it poked its little self 2 Sundays ago, he has been drooling like crazy but he's been pretty good, Bella got super super sick, but then again, she decided to have about 4 teeth come in at once! I really enjoy looking at all your guy's blogs. Have a happy spring!

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Franklin has turned out to be a great eater like his parents, Bella on the other hand is pickipickipicky!!!
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Bella is sporting plastic bags on her feet while Papo and his dad, brother and good friend finish laying sod on our back yard. Saturday was super super busy for us and the whole neighborhood!!! I loved it!!! Thanks Wally and Don and especially Lance!!
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Last Friday we went out as a big ol' family to the Olive Garden. Gramps and Granny had just arrived from a 4 day cruise, and Uncle Don also arrived this day from a loooong drive from Vegas, from LA and originally from the land down under,!!!
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