Monday, March 22, 2010

Spring finally arrived on Saturday. To celebrate I planted 12 new little flower plants in front of my house. My nice neighbor tore out 3 big bushes to re-do her landscape. she gave us the unwanted bushes and we transplanted them in our lawn. It's so nice the change a new plant can make in a house. I think I inherited a little bit of my mom when it comes to loving gardening. As soon as I can....I will plant my beloved jalapeno and cilantro and basil. I think I was not meant to plant tomatoes. every year I try and the plants dwindle. If anything comes, it's a mini (1) smaller than a jalapeno. Maybe I'll try the tupsy-durby (?) It's the tomato plant that hangs and the tomato plant shoots downward. It's $9.99. Should I, should I not?