Thursday, October 23, 2008

Happy Bella

Here is my girl with a beautiful smile! She is so fun!

Franklin eats Franklin sleeps

Yesterday, Wednesday the 22, Franklin fell asleep while eating his lunch. It was to adorable, I had to videotape him.

Lovely pumpkin couple

Bella would not go to see the scary decorations so she stayed by the cute yard decor.
Drawing faces on the pumpkins was Bella's idea, she plopped the cowboy hat on the little pumpkin and Zach painted his face and I did the lady pumpkin. Aren't they a unique looking couple?

Getting Ready for Halloween

Last Saturday we went to pick 2 pumpkins for Halloween. Bella and I decorated the pumpkins, we didn't carve them yet, that will be for next week so the pumpkins don't get to wrinkled for the big day. Here we are at the Jeremy's Pumpkins in our little town. All the scary decorations are this pumpkin place, not ours, no way! we like Halloween, but we don't love it that much to decorate the house with scary witches or headless guys or skeletons, we'll stick to pumpkins!
The Many Faces of Franklin
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