Thursday, June 26, 2008

Much goes on around here

I have been away from writing on this blog because our laptop finally quit working, appearantly soda was spilled onto the 'motherboard' that makes me sad since I have about 3,593 (number may be a bit exaggerated) pictures of Mr. Franklin and Ms. Bella. I was told that the memory was still good and all the files can be retrieved, so I still have that hope, that I didnt completely lose those pics. Luckily I copied all of Beli's pictures of when we lived in Utah onto a disc. It was so nice going back in time thru pictures Bella and Franklin look a lot alike when they were the same age, right now not so much. They are both cute in their own ways.

So, the breaking down of computers was one thing, the other thing was that my very favorite show had auditions in our area, I was certain I would be picked because I am different looking, a minority, mysterious, and great dashing looks, but NO! by the way I am joking about all that (except for the minority, I am in fact Mexican and that makes me a minority, although, there are a buttload of us mexicans here in the U.S. so hmmm?) The choosing of contestant was extremely random. Everyone filled out a quick application, then they put that in a big drawing can. They drew 5 names at a time, then each was given a mini interview, "tell us a little about yourself" to the which, many answered "I love the outdoors, camping fishing, and playing wheel of fortune" If Zach were chosen he said he would say "I am Zach, I am the life of the party!" I would have said "I love to chase cows around the pasture and giving them manicures...nah, just joking, I was going to mention my love of cooking and eating and traveling the world with the help of the show". The host of the auditions was a young lad, with more energy than the energizer bunny and a 3 yr. old combined, he was fun and loud, and there you go, Wheel of Fortune really means you gotta be lucky to be on the show, thus fortunate all around. It was pretty fun the kiddos didnt so much like the blasting heat.
Another thing I got to do was to go to daycamp with the cub scouts, that was pretty fun for the first 2 hours, I learned about pocket knife safety and that I am horrible at improvised skits. The theme was Knight of the Round table. The kids got to shoot arrows, I wasnt invited I guess it was for the scouts not for the old ladies that have young hearts. (Me) and they also shot bb guns, Fun, but also I wasnt invited. I did however push heavy boys in wheelbarrows as they did pretend jousting with a swimming pool noodle (it had a metal rod inside it). The boys had loads of fun and that is what matters.

Bella went to visit Gramps and Granny with cousin Jackie and uncle Don. She was gone for a few day, Thurs, Fri, Sat, Sun and came home on monday afternoon, let me tell you I sure missed my little monkey princess, I would go to her room looking for her, forgetting she wasnt home. cuckoo! Granny was super nice to them. Bought all the granddaughters matching outfits and took them to the fancy movies, Kung Fu Panda, wow! That was cool and of course they had sleepovers with Jazzie and Kylie. I remember going to my grandmother's house in Nayarit and pretty much not getting anywhere near the royal treatment as my kid, very much the opposite! I will have to write about that in my novel "Memoirs of a little Sol".

There is much more but I dont want to bore you with all my troubles, and you must be thinking as Harry from Dumb and Dumber says "thanks". Goodnight Friends and my beautiful family.