Thursday, February 18, 2010

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Chuyito, Mikey, Karina
My sister Chali and her 2 princesses
On Monday night, I called my sister Chali (Rosa Hilda). She's the second oldest of the bunch of us children of dona Irene. I was worried about her because she overworks and is always overstressed. The last 3 or so attempts of me trying to call her were unsuccessful because she was busy. I was able to finally chat with her (for 1.5hours) in our conversation we discussed many issues that resulted in me being very inspired and grateful to have a good, wise sister. We dont talk much, but when we do, we do!
She told me happy birthday, according to her I was born on Feb 16th 1975, according to mom it was Feb 18th, according to the birth certificate April 16th. I have to go with the 'paper' birthday because it's what's recorded. Chali swears on her life that I was born on the 16th of February. She remembers the day exactly. My mom told me it was around that time. So I'll take Chali's as the actual day I appeared on this planet.
I am happy to have the exact records of my children's birthdays: Bella was born on Friday, May 28th, 2004 at 7:05pm; in Salt Lake City, UT. She was born frowning and was super cute. Frankolin was born on Wednesday morning (8-22-2007) at 10:05am in Nampa ID. He was born extra hairy and precious! Most times I just stare at them, they are both so amazing in many ways: beautiful, smart, loving, funny...and on and on!
I am pretty sure I looked like Franklin when I was born, maybe a bit chunkier! (according to my mom I was a giant of a baby 11kilos...not humanly possible, I know, but maybe to my mom I was that big or maybe the scale was broken that particular day; hey what can I say, I was a great baby!)
Chali and I talked about life and family. I can imagine that every good parent out there wants the best for his/her children. She told me about her kids when they were little and how they never had money to buy necessary things such as shoes and clothes. Her oldest remembers hiding his feet under his desk because his shoes would be torn and he'd be so embarrased; he never asked for anything from his mom because he knew there were no funds. When she did finally buy them shoes, they would go to Payless shoesource, the 'cheapy' store. Kids that wore shoes from there would get made fun of. I know for a fact that kids are idiots and would tease the 'poor' kids for not wearing name brand clothes or shoes. Wearing name brand 'whatevers' was never a concern for me, I was happy wearing decent, clean clothes, most of them were hand-me-downs, or from a second hand store (which I still love by the way). She shared a cool story that happened to Mike, her 2nd oldest. He told her: "Mom, dont worry about buying me shoes from Payless" in reality he meant "I dont want cheap shoes" Chali recalls a specific brand "FILA" which I guess was popular back then (90's). Mike wanted to get shoes from the mall, but those darn shoes were like $125!!! Whoa! One day an employee from a sports store approached Mike and asked him if he wanted to enter a drawing for shoes from that store. He did, and lo and behold, he won the cool shoes. He was so excited and so was his mom. She always wanted to give them the best, and now as she is nearing 50 years of age, she believes that she gave them the best. She gave them her time and love and attention. She will soon be an empty nester, and she sees how loving and attentive her kids are with her. Moral of the story is that giving the best means giving of yourself, not necessarily the fancy crap that gets dangled in front of them by t.v. or other influences.
I didnt get much sleep last night and I realize what I just wrote is not gramatically beautiful, maybe later I can correct my run-on sentences. Also, Mike or Chuy if you read this and you'd like to contribute more to the story or expand on the details, please call me and I will correct or add. It's really important that we keep a record of the procedings of our family. You know very well that your parents have struggled, it'd be a good thing to let our children know who they come from. The struggles that were overcome by our ancestors serve as a strength for generations to come. Si o No?

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Our Family Home Evening was about controlling your temper.
This is Tom Turkey he loses his temper a lot. And turns colors every time he gets really upset. First he turned Red,then he lost his temper and got the Blues because all his turkey neighbors made fun of him.

This is Franklin and Bella acting like Tom Turkey. They are angry. GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!

If you control your emotions, like Tom did at the end of the story, you can be beautiful and happy and also colorful.

You can do this too, it was fun!

Monday, February 15, 2010

bella's wit

I get to bring my kids to work with me when we dont have patients in the office. Today is President's Day and Bella had no school. So I have both little angels here. Franklin is taking his nap in his portable crib. I put him in there at 12, right after I fed him and Bella lunch. He didn't want to go to sleep, so he cried for about 1.5 minutes, then he started singing "I like to move it, move it, I like to move it, move it!). That lasted about 2 minutes and now he's asleep. Bella is doing addition problems. I gave her a bunch of paper clips to help her add the big numbers, she's pretty good at math too. I have about 5 worksheets for her to do. Before she got to work, she did a little role-playing.
Bella: Hi, I am here for the free hearing aid for my daughter.
Me: I dont have free hearing aids, I have free hearing tests.
Bella: Oh, well then how much is a hearing aid?
Me: A lot
Bella: How much?
Me: How about 2 thousand dollars?
Bella: OK, here (she handed me 2 pennies)
Me: Aren't you going to argue with me about the price?
Bella: Nope, my daughter needs a hearing aid.
Pretty easy customer. Too bad her thousand=cent.