Thursday, October 21, 2010

Halloween is around the corner

There is no Halloween in Mexico. I vaguely remember "Dia de los Muertos" which is some time in October. It's a day when people celebrate the dead by making cute pastries in the shape of skeletons/skulls and spending the day at the cemetary visiting the graves of their loved ones who have moved on to the next stage of existence. I am sure my siblings know more of this holiday than I, so let us know the traditions and meanings of "Dia de los Muertos". I am feeling too tired to do the research myself. Halloween is also celebrated in October. The thing that comes to my mind is CANDY and COSTUMES. I really like the candy part but I am not too much into dressing up. I dont think I ever had a formal costumes for Halloween. Some people go all out for the ocassion. I like to sacrifice the lovely pumpkins for their delicious seeds. I dont know what to do witht the actual pumpkin, other than give it a face and put a candle in it.
So, I hope everyone has a great Halloween this year. Remember to brush your teeth after the stealing of the candy of your little ones, well, at least I will!