Tuesday, March 2, 2010


Time for Xrays....oooooh, pictures of your bones!
Wonder Woman shielding herself

On Sunday evening Bella fell off a chair. She landed on her left arm. I played nurse and tried to figure out if there was a broken bone. After squeezing and tilting, I came to the conclusion that there was not broken bone. If there was she'd be howling with pain.Add Image

The next morning: "My arm hurts" she said. It hurt the whole day. If she put pressure on it, or simply writing would cause her to frown with pain. She told the teacher her arm hurt and the teacher was unsympathetic with her "it'll have to hurt" she said. Bella said that hurt her feelings, :(. At night, she kept complaining about the pain. So I took her to a clinic. She was excited to go to the doctor. They took X-rays and they found no breakage. They told me to give her tylenol or advil for the pain. So, there. This is the tail of an unbalanced 5 yr. old. I hope the pain goes away soon. I believe she may have sprained her wrist. We'll see what happens.


One of the first times I came in contact with snow, was in December of 1985, somewhere in north central Washington. I was 10 and completely unaware of the pain cold weather can inflict upon a little kid's body. I was ill prepared as far as attire is concerned. I was wearing a t-shirt and a sweater, jeans, socks, and and tennis shoes. My sister and her family decided to go sledding over at some hill. They had with them sleds and skis, I had never seen skis in my life, much less used them. The sight was beautiful but the feeling was painful. My sister thought it'd be fun for me to go skiing, she strapped me unto these 2 long sticks, and down I rolled! for what seemed an eternity. I was cold, I was embarrased and I pretty banged up. Fortunately I didnt break any bones. So, of course, I was crying. My sister told me to shake it off, that I'd be ok. To comfort me she said my eyes looked green. "Wow, green eyes? Ok, I am ok now!" Not! I am writing this because the Winter Olympics just came to an end. I dont really enjoy the cold or playing in the cold. However, I have to say that I did watch a lot of the Olympic competitions. I was super inspired with them. 1 of the most memorable was seeing Joanie, the figure skater from Canada who lost her mom to heart disease a couple of days before her competition. She skated beautifully under so much sadness and pressure. As soon as her event was done, she broke down and started crying, the crowd on their feet! She ended up getting a Bronze. S. Korea and Japan took Gold and Silver, they were pretty much perfect, but Joanie, she was a warrior!

My neighbor has invited me to go walking in the mornings at 6. I was dreading the early day, but after seeing a few of the olympic moments (see the post below this one) I thought, I can go walking. I mean, there's gotta be some kind of a little fight left inside me. I am not an olympian for sure but I do need to get moving so my heart will get stronger.

Anyways, manana it's a new day, and I will meet it walking with good neighbors. I will write an update.