Thursday, January 6, 2011

What a Big Boy

This next post is being written so as to not forget what a cool boy I have. Lately, the ninos, all want to sleep in my bed. It's fine with me because as soon as they fall asleep, I scoop them up and give them a free ride to their own bed. Three nights ago, however, little Franklin settled in my bed, ready for his bedtime story. He loves his "blankie" which happens to be a queen or king size fuzzy blanket. The ones that are called "San Marcos". It's purple with big pink flowers, not to mention 3 or 5 holes, compliments, of a stupid dog that chewed it long before the kids were born. That blanket was my Christmas present from Gustavo and Judy.
Franklin sleeping sometime ago....zzzzz...zzzz...zzzzz....zzzzz..zzzz.....zzzzzz not pictured: Blankie.
So, the boy, sleepy, demands his blankie, I said "Blankie is sleeping in your bed, she doesnt want to come over here, why dont you go lay down in your bed." He sits up, and says, "OK mama" as he walks out the bedroom door I say: "Dont turn on the tv, go straight to bed". He said "OK Mama". Bella and I looked at eachother and raised our eyebrows in disbelief. So 2 minutes later, I followed him. And there he was, on his bed with his beloved "popo blankie" fast asleep. It was a sweet moment in the life of Mr. Awesome boy.