Saturday, May 17, 2008

Here are the other kiddos looking a little more content...then There's Bella at Pack meeting, the cub scouts raced some weird cart down a hill. Bella was pretty tired by then...she is truly a monkey, but a pretty monkey at that!!
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Do not try this at home!!!

Thursday was a super beautiful day here in the Boise area, the sun was shining nice and hot, how I like it, I don't really enjoy cold suns, for some reason go figure. So I decided to borrow my friends' minivan and loaded up my 2 monkey along with 2 additional kids, and I invited my other neighbor to come along for the ride...we went to the Boise Zoo, Bella was the oldest of the 5 kids, she is not quite 4, soon though, then there was a 2yr.old and a 1yr. old and then a 9month old and finally my precious little angel boy who is 8 months old...BIG MISTAKE!!!! Of the whole bunch, guess who was the fuzziest...none other than Ms. Chabelita... She got off the wrong side of her slide, holy groucholi. We were at the zoo for about 30 minutes, when I wanted to leave. We left and went to lunch...that was a great idea....she was much happier out of the heat and into an indoor playground, all you mothas know where we went, I wont mention it because I dont advertise for free...they have too much money! That night to top it off I had Pack Meeting and after I went to Meridian to deal with know, business woman that I am and all. It was an incredible fun day for me because it was so full of fun and are some pic of the zoo and also at the play area.

Speaking of mothers, Zach's Grandma, is 93years young, she is the biggest Jazz fan. We visited her in Preston ID. While there Bella befriended a little cat and we went to see the neighbors, the cows at the dairy farm. It was really nice and sunny but still really cold. The night before (Friday) when we arrived at Gramps and Granny in Rexburg ID, we got a pretty good snow storm...that area of ID is soooooooooooooooooooooo cold, but it is super beautiful. Especialmente, the Snake River. It was a fun trip, short but sweet.
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I have been really busy. I guess I am a real dork to have forgotten to say happy mother's day to all the mothers out there, being a mom is great and also great hard work. I am thankful that I have a mom that taught me many good things. I have the best sisters in the world and they are pretty exceptional madrecitas too. Good job!
This is my mom when she visited me last Turkey day, in 2007, notice the careful snuggleness she portrays with Mr. FrankoFranklin, he was loving every minute of it as if he said "Mami, pay attention, this is what I want all the time, huggies! My mom is really good with eetybeety babies!
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