Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Sorry about the weird video

As you can see I am pretty amused by this blogging thing...but I am very very new at it. Today I went into the blog and to my surprise saw some pretty racy videos on the video section of the videology...I clicked the area that says "most viewed videos" on you tube and that was not good. My mom-in-law really likes the laughing baby, so I thought it would give me the most watched laughing babies videos, pero NO!!! so sorry if you saw something offensive, I hate that stuff, that is why I like this Blog thing because I can choose what I put in here. There! I did put a video of how animals protect their family, it is called "Battle at Krugar". Good night y'all.

This is Chachis when she is really sorry!

Mari, TQM!!! Stay awake! I will try to put a lot of stuff in here so you can have stuff look at and read while you are on your break.

Lunch Buddy

This is Diego, our newest friend!

Monday, April 28, 2008

A comer!!!

Bella is having lunch with Diego, our new little friend. Bella doesn't like to eat very well her favorite foods are "umm umm Lucky Charms, that is the lucky charm marshmellows...too too sweet but she picks them out, so no more Lucky Charms until she learns to eat the rest of that cereal. She likes peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, if the jam was made by Granny then, it is extra yummy!!!

Here Belli is eating sopita (noodles) with veggies, she examines the green lima beans before eating them, surprisingly enough she eats them, BRAVO Hija!!!