Friday, July 4, 2008

This is the famous bubbling water
More pics at Hooper Spring
OK, Blossom can get in the picture too
Jackie striking a pose
Work it Bella, WORK IT

Waiting for the exiting mini Ferris the way all this fun stuff was free, I loved Soda Springs
Worth the wait
Taking a nap, finally, all this fun can really wear you out!

Grandpa's Fun Invention

Bella Flying!
Dad and Son enjoying a beautiful Preston sunset
Don and Grandma Bennett
Smile big Franklin!!
Smile Franklin!
Jackie and Bella rode this green dinosaur at Soda Spring's park, Gramps and Don are right behind them

More on the 4th

The trip to Grandma's was actually on the 3rd, we spent the night at her house and woke up pretty early to go to Soda Springs. The birthplace of the most handsome in our lives, my hubby. We met Gramps and Granny there. Bella and Jackie scored with a ton of candy at the parade. Soda Springs is quite beautiful, you could really feel the closeness in the community. Right after the parade, we walked to the city park and enjoyed the carnival, food and games and rides for the kids. Zach, and his brother Don and their parents socialized pretty much the whole time with old friends and former students. It was really nice to see how much people remembered them. They moved out of Soda Springs in 1988. We also visited Zach's babysitter Marsha Rigby, she is a beautiful lady with a great personality. Her home has a very peaceful feel to it. They will be going on an LDS mission next week. Next we went to a place called Hooper Spring, such a beautiful place. There is a creek that bubbles like seven-up it is naturally carbonated water. The rocks in the creek/pond are rusted. Zach told me to taste the water and I did, it was gross it tasted like rusted metal!!Yuck!! We finished the day by eating pizza. No fireworks for us we were too exhausted!

Happy 4th of July!

Hello Everyone, I hope everyone had a great 4th of July. I have to say this is perhaps the best 4th of July I have ever had. We drove to Preston (just outside of Preston, still Franklin County) to visit dear Grandma Bennett. She will be turning 94 in August and I am so amazed at how sharp she is, her memory is very keen. She is super strong too. We enjoyed visiting her. The kids loved the visit too because they got to play with Grandpa's awesome invention: the spinning chairs, I am going to show a picture of it. It is really cool. I want to ride it but I am afraid I am way past the weight limit, the poor thing would be very lopsided, I dont think so!