Friday, December 6, 2013

Family Road-Trip 2013

We have been visited my Mr. Jack Frost this week. Good thing he came to us when we are home and not on the road. 

For the week of Thanksgiving, I decided to invite myself and my little family to my brother's house in California. Them being the amazing people they are, they said "Sure!" and off we went for a whole week. 

The drive down went by so fast, I believe my excitement made the drive very enjoyable. SW Idaho and SE Oregon are pretty flat and dry and empty.

We drove for what seemed not so long when we came upon a funny named town: Winnemucca. After stretching our limbs and eating a little subway sandwich, we carried on to our southern journey. For many many miles we drove as we listened to music and told the children to quit fighting over whatever they were fighting over, then we saw hints of civilization again. A small city called Sparks came into focus. We thought it was Reno because we could see a few skyscrapers with flashy lights luring people to leave their money on their gambling tables. Sparks is kind of the Jamaica Plains of Boston, the West Valley of Salt Lake or the Meridian of Boise. 

Clowning around


He can Fly!
One of the entrances


Reno was fun. We stayed in a place called Circus Circus. It was very interesting how people walked around with their little families inside the building with cigarettes in hand. Circus Circus was like a Chuck-E-Cheese with smokers but with lots more lights. My kids had fun for about the 1st 20 minutes. We went up to our room to watch Mrs. Doubtfire and jump on the beds. Shh, don't tell anyone!

Bright Lights in the City