Wednesday, June 2, 2010

The Graduate,

These pictures were taken by my friend Kelli. She has a son in Bella's class. Bella is the tallest girl in the class. Tyler, Kelli's kid is super tall.

Today, June 2nd was a mini stepping stone in my daughter's life. She and her little kindergarten class had their "Kindergarten Celebration" which is kind of a graduation from K. I sat there as they practiced their program, and I was so emotional. They sang "What a Wonderful World"...bwahh booo hoo. It was so sweet! I am so proud of her. She's a sharp monkey.

Monday, May 31, 2010

The children who bring a whole lot of joy to a whole lot of people:

Bella and her personality, always camera ready!
Happy child, Franklin turn around!
"I love what you have done with your garden, Chabela!"
Going to Grandma's house thru the woods, :o) Jesse and Danny

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Beautiful Boise

Eventhough we've been having major cloudy skies and light rains, I decided to go to Boise and show Danny and Jesse how pretty Boise is, well its parks. Check it out, we had fun.
Franklin showing us the rainbow trout. He gives them a 'thumbs-up'
Silly owls. I love the little chicks.

Bella's 6!

Bella scored some fun gifts: Gramps and Granny sent her a super cool card with beaucoup money, as much as I am years old., Papo got her walkie-talkies and a video game, tio gave her a super cool movie and her favorite singer/barbie doll. Franklin gave her a hard time and a little winnie the pooh watch. He also helped her blow out the bday candle even before the singing was over.

Holy Sticks! Bella's finally 6. She's been bugging and bugging us about her birthday and finally it's come and gone. She is the cutest 6 year old in the planet. She had uncle Danny visit her and our friend Jesse. We had a very sudden bday party, thanks to my procastination skills. It was fun.