Thursday, October 29, 2009

Irene Paramo, my mother, is a warrior of a woman. I am really thankful for all her work. For having such a well-mannered group of children. Mom is a beautiful, strong woman.

Here is a picture of my mom, Irene, with a little portion of her many grandkids. This picture was taken at the end of July 2009. All of Gustavo's kids are here as well as my 2 little pumpkins. Leti's Mari is right in the middle in the back row.

As far the image is concerned. Those are pictures that Adam was able to gather from his weak collection of family photos. They are from different times. We are all grown. And look a little different. I will work hard to locate more recent pictures of each one of us.
Here is a brief description of Each one of these amazing persons.

  • Starting this line-up we have Sandra Leticia (Leti). She's a spunky fighter, beautiful and elegant with all her fancy jewelry. She's got a heart of gold. And 4 great kids: Alfredito, Mike, Lenito, and the princess of the house Maria. I think Leti is so pretty. I have seen pictures of her when she was a teenager and she looks like a supermodel. I sure look up to her and all her achievements. Lucky hubby is Alfredo Marin.

  • Up next is one of soul-mates, Rosa Hilda (aka Chali) How Chali comes out of Rosa Hilda I have no clue! That may be one of life's biggest mysteries. Chali is the proud parent of 7 super-good-looking kids like Zoolander, supermodel quality beauty. There's Hector Jesus (Chuyito), Mike, Karina, After Kari, a little baby was born but soon after that he passed away due to lack of oxygen, I would like to blame the lame doctors in Sonora, but really I dont know why that little angel was not allowed to live in this world, but I still count him as my nephew, then came gorgeous Karolyn, Christian and finally Christopher (gordo) although he is the skinniest kid in the whole AZ. Chali has blessed the life of Hector Palomino for many many years of marriage!

  • The oldest of the boys is Miguel Angel. Miguel enjoys long talks specially on those long road trips he has to do all the time for his work as a truck driver. He's charming and very handsome. Miguel sees no challenge that cannot be overcome with hard work and a lot of positive attitude. Miguel is the proud papa of 6 children: Reba Irene, a beautiful young lady with the biggest eyes you ever saw, Miguel Angel jr., and Gustavito. from Second marriage he begot (like in the scriptures) Luis Angel, holy cow he's gorgeous! and princess Danielita, who loves the camera and vice-versa the camera loves her! and Baby Latif, I met Latif in Dec. 06 when he was a baby/toddler and he was a spunky-feisty little ball of energy! Miguel is currently married to Olga.

  • Then came Gustavo Enrique, with his honey-colored eyes. He is one of the hardest working men I have ever met. If something's broken, he'll fix it, how? I have no clue, but he does. He has a long history of awesomeness. When you get a chance give him a call and ask him about some of his experiences as a young kid in Mexico and in the US. Gus has 4 amazing girls and 1 super cool boy...Gustavito Jr. Beautiful family! Judy is our sister in law. Judy is very cool as well, we love Judy cause she treated Mari and I like we were her real little sisters when we were finishing high school, that meant a lot for us! Mari just told me that the very 1st pair of pajamas she ever owned (and me too) was given to us by Judy. Mari remembers asking Judy, "what this?" 'Pajamas, you sleep in them," Mari thought that was cool, since we were used to sleeping just in our clothes or calzones and a tshirt if it was too hot! (TMI, sol TMI!)

  • And Now, the Person responsible for this super long post. Adan, Hector Adan. The very awesome, talented and fun-hearted brother. The wind beneath my wings. Adam has always been the fun uncle. Also a very important fact about Adam, is that he is the 1st person in our big family to have completed a college education. He has set the foundation for the rest of us to follow in his steps. Good job Adam! Adan has the priviledge of parenting Julio and Andrea with his beautiful wife Maria de los Angeles. He enjoys edifying his children, and singing the ocassional Pedro Infante song, as well as some AirSupply. Adam you're a great person.

INTERMISSION---INTERMISSION---INTERMISSION--INTERMISSION--INTERMISSION go get yourselves a big glass of water or milk with cookies. perhaps a quesadilla with turkey.

  • Maria Isabel was born in 1973. If ever there was to be a contest of world's cutest baby girl: Mari sure would have won it. I saw a picture of her when she was 2 or 3, she was purely beautiful, honest to goodness. Mari has had some massive trials in her young life, but you wold never know it given she has the most uplifting attitude in the land. Details I will not give here, just let it be known that I admire her for her strength. Mari is a great mother to Nicolas Barboza. Mari, too has taken full advantage of her advanced intelligence by getting a teaching degree from a University in Guadalajara. She speaks english better than most americans and french mas-o-menos. I bet if given the opportunity she would have herself a full-blown conversation with any frenchy person, mais oui monsieur, elle parle francais tres bien.

  • Then I came and the angels sang!

  • My best friend was born after me. His name is Christian Daniel. or Danny. Danny is a joyful person. Always looking at the brighter side of life. If I had one tenth of Danny's creativity and organizational skills I would be the mexican MarthaStewart. I am always inspired to have beautiful surroundings when I hang out with Danny. Danny you are the best! I love you more than the grains of sand in all the beaches in the world. And my little girl thinks of you like a superhero! Yey Tio Danny!

  • I have come to know my younger little brother better during these last few years. Elias Ignacio, I would say is the gem of our family. He probably takes the price for being the most intelligent. A writer a photographer a thinker of deep thoughts. Nacho is also a college graduate. I am so proud of him and all he has accomplished pretty much on his own, well with encouragement of a few true friends. I have a feeling Nacho is going to change this world.

  • And the crowning child of us all is Martin. Martin is a great friend. When Martin was born, I remember just staring at him, like a crazy little kid I must have seemed to the world but I thought I had never seen a more beautiful child. He had the biggest eyes, a perfect nose and lips. He was not a cry baby either. Just a perfectly peaceful boy that was a gift to the eyes. Martin is a leader and achiever. Go Martin. I will be your fan. ra ra ra!

There you go! These are my siblings. My friends and my examples. Till next time!

Hi Adan, Hi everyone else who stills reads this little blog.

Well. I am freezing my toes off and can barely feel my fingers, it's cold down here where I am. I am looking forward to daylight saving time. 1 more hour sleep, I'll take it!

Halloween is this Saturday and my kids are ready with their customes: Superman, (supertoddler) and supergirl. Zach being quite the avid sports fan (BoiseState) will be a BSU football player, the quarterback #11. As for me, I think I've been assigned the duty of being the football coach. I should start thinking about a list of plays Iwant my quarterback to do! Throwing laundry in the machine, tackling the dishes.... I think he wants to go to the SanJose/BSU Game. I am going to take the munchkins out for a good hour and then come home and hand out candy.

Halloween is so much fun for kids. I dont think I ever did that, I was too old or something. Or maybe I just dont remember.

Speaking of cold. I just saw a few flakes floating down outside. Halloween is going to be a cold one!

In Mexico, people will be celebrating Dia De Los Muertos. Hey having a special day like this would mean Geneagoly would be a piece of cake down in Mexico, NOT!

I, being the 'modern' woman I am, dont have my birthday straight, and for that matter the exact place I was born, was it Zapopan or was it Guadalajara, or Tesistan or Nuevo Mexico? Oh, well I have proof that I was born somewhere because I am here.

My awesome brother Adan just emailed me a group of pictures he scanned. It's all of us children of Irene Paramo. Quite a big group of kids. What a strong woman to have had all these children, all of which I must say are some of the finest souls this world has ever had.