Thursday, September 9, 2010


Since I have a sense of remembering, I have always loved little kids. When I worked in a daycare, a few years before I was married, I would daydream of what my little ones would look like (my own). There were a few ocassions at the daycare where I honestly felt like I loved the kids more than their own parents (you know, they were dropped off as soon as the place opened about 6 or 6:30 am and were pick up after hours, 6 pm +) And I had my suspicions they were not at work, but rather having fun.  So fast forward to present time and I have been so blessed with not 1, but 2 beautiful little human beings who are so completely full of joy and personality. Saying it like this makes it sound like motherhood is, how we say in spanish "all pink-colored", meaning perfect. Well, it's not. In fact is HARD! Did you know that kids, as they grow, they dont listen!?  And if things dont go their way, they tell you: "I dont love you!" What! The good thing is that in an hour or so they forget. They are also the best mess makers you'll ever meet. They have "accidents" which means they pee'd or pooped in their pants. They run and hide when it's time for bath or bedtime...oh and I could go on and on. Here's the reality of momhood or dadhood or madhood: it's not for the weak. It's dang hard but it has to be the best title you could ever have. My life would be so boring without them.
Franklin to me: "You're not a girl! You're a momma"
Franklin @ bedtime "I not tirud, I hungreeee"
Bella "mom, let me be your maid" after holding the towel that she was supposed to fold for 7 minutes "OK, I am done being a maid, it's too hard. But tomorrow I am going to make you breakfast, ok?"