Thursday, November 5, 2009

Chabela with a victorious drink of hi-C. After winning a $20 gift card at Fred Meyer's.
Franklin could care less, he's having fun dressed like a super hero

Talking about saving the world and having a great laugh over some chicken nuggets.

With a gift card that they won for scribbling on a coloring page.

This Halloween, my kids were superkids. We went to Fred Meyers for the costume contest and coloring contest. It should not have have been called a contest because both events were won by random drawings of kids' names. Out of about 25 kids there only 3 winners were pulled and Franklin was the third. He won a $20 gift card and a cookie, Bella won a cookie. I told Bella that she won so as to not hurt her tender feelings. After this, I took the kids to McD's for a 4 piece chicken nugget snack. We then went trunk-or-treating at the church. We had a lot of fun.