Wednesday, April 18, 2012

long overdue

On March 30th my beautiful niece had a lovely wedding. This was a great opportunity for me to get away and enjoy my family down in Arizona. My kids got to meet their cousins and get some serious sunshine. When we left home, we left a soggy, rainy ID. We had an overnight layover in SLC with my awesome little brother. From there we continued on our journey south to the land of sunrays. Following I will post some family pictures. My camera went MIA for the wedding so I have none for that special event. Karo, my niece looked absolutely stunning, she looked like a real live princess. I am so happy for her and wish her and Jerry the best of life as they start off their journey together! And now, la familia mia.

Franklin and Latif

Daniela, Isabella and Andrea after some awesome kareoke....yes they are cool chicks!

beautiful Daniela

Luis and Julio chilling

mi mama y yo....she is so petite I look extra grande next too her

Martin & Franklin watching Puss 'N Boots for the 7th time

on our way to some gorgeous canyon to hike a desert paradise

parecen Japonesitas las primas

goofy face kids are experts at this.

the Rock where we can rest our burdens

I just had to have a picture by a majestic sahuaro...check out the background...gorgeous....the weather perfect! Thanks Adam!

they came, they hiked, they conquered!!! las 2 mosqueteras.

splashy mcsplasher

Adan, y las 2 mujeres mas importantes de su vida

Julio knows how to relax.

traveling Sonora style, but not for long!

Adan, the Artist

mi changuito con tia Mari!
brincando en el mar....cosa mas linda, el mar y mi niƱo

A big ROCK in the middle of the water.

ay si, muy turistas las primitas
los nietos mas chiquitos de mi mama Irene: Luis, Franklin, Latif, Julio y Nicolas

boys rock!

abuelita con sus nietecitas, las mas chiquitas de todo el monton

This is Christopher. He is the coolest person ever. Although he has never spoke a word in his life, he has a smile pure enough to melt any heart in the planet. I love you Christopher!!!

a midnight meal with hot cocoa! mmmmm, cocoa!

somewhere in North Arizona