Thursday, April 1, 2010

Last Sunday evening we had a 'fireside' for the youth in the which we discussed education. Education eventually turned into knowledge. We saw a super old video from YouTube titled: The Power of Ten. It took a look at our surroundings by going away from us 10times out each time. It's hard to describe, I will try to put the video in here if possible. It went away as far as we know all looked like darkness. a total complete emptiness. Then, back to earth it went into the the human body to the smallest particle that makes up what we are. I have been thinking a lot about that this whole week and with that little bit of knowledge I am very much at peace with myself. In the mornings when I drag myself out of bed to go walking (6am), stars still in the sky, I think to myself "Self, can you see you are part of something great?" the response of course is yes! Anyway, this is more for me and my crazy thoughts. For sure it is a re-affirment of my beliefs. A couple of weeks back, when I had to speak in front of all those ladies about me being courageous, another lady spoke about obtaining education. She said something that stands true to me now: "the more I learn the more I know less". There is so much out there to get discovered.
The End.