Saturday, January 24, 2009


Danny and me, just before dying my hair...not a good choice, ooopsies!

Bella pretending to be the President and giving a speech. On her agenda: Everyone gets to play all day long. Sign me up!

Franklin and Curious George at the Library.

I am so astonished at how fast time goes now that I am older. I remember as a kid, when I overheard grownups talking about how they had graduated high school 15 years ago, I would think to myself: 'Holy cow, is it possible for you to be so ancient?' Well now I am pretty much that old. I wish I could go back in time an make some different choices...but then again I would not trade my now for anything. I am grateful to have my 2 beautiful angels in my life. Bella is a cute kid, she is dang smart and goofy at the same time, she gets her wits from her mother, you're welcome Bella; and her goofiness from Papo, and ok, her gorgeous looks come from daddy-o too. And Franklin, OH my goodness! Talk about getting you happiness fix every single day. He is about the happiest child you'll ever meet, and oh so easy on the eyes too! Today he finally got his hair buzzed again. I mean, this is the 3rd time we take off his long locks. With long hair or short, he is still so super handsome. I will have to take a picture of his haircut and post it here. This is all for now. Have yourselves a good night, and dont forget to brush your teeth!