Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Sadness and despair overcome this child's face. May be wondering where his family is, and if they still are alive.

It's a good feeling when you lay down to sleep and as soon as you do, you fall asleep. I guess it's called being tired. I have been, and in a way still am worried about some problems. I have come to the decision that, if I cannot control the situation, I must leave in the hands of God. So I have and I had a great night sleep.
Last week Haiti was hit with a pretty strong earthquake that pretty much crumpled Port-au-Prince. The whole city is in ruins. Last I heard today, Tues January 19, 2010, death toll may be closing in to 200,000 and 1.5 Millions souls are without home. I cant help but cry my silent cry everytime I see the evening news. I am saddened by the immense suffering of all the people there; specially the children and the elderly. I know that the whole world is sending help, but appearantly the help is not getting to them as prompt as it should. Doctors (from other lands) are doing the best they can with what little they have. Many Many amputations due to infections are being performed with rusty saws...it's horrible. One doctor took a television reporter to see the mountains of bodies being scooped up with bulldozers, he called it a modern day holocaust.
With all this going on, it is good to see that 'the love of man' is alive. I've seen in the news, groups from Brazil, United States, Israel, and many more there to lend a hand.
After devastation is cleaned up and the bodies are buried, will come the task of re-edification. May there be peace and strength in Haiti is my deepest desire.