Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Fun Weekend at Rigby Lake

Bella looks pretty serene here.
I love the soothing blue colors in this picture
Here is Paula, my sister-in-law, Jackie my cute niece from Hawaii, and my 2 little munchkins. We went to the movies last Wed. morning. It was Fun!
Franklin and Papo Zach, aren't they both so adorable? YES!
Braxton soaking up the sun
Bella and Jazz boating, the water was super shallow.
Happy Bella
Jazmin, brave girl!
Jazzie, Chabelita and I worked on this sand castle for a long time, it was FUN!!
Our neighbors were inspired by our sand masterpiece, and so they too build a sand masterpiece, I call it "Turtle in Sand"
This is Julie, my cool sister in law.
This is Ty, he is about a month or so older than my Bella. He is gorgeous!
Here is baby Ty, he is 2 years, just barely.

salsa fresca

To make this super dish:
8-10 roma tomatoes
1 medium sweet onion
1 super hot jalapeno
2 cans of roasted peppers (they are pretty small cans)
1 bunch of cilantro
2 limes (juice of)
2 cans of black beans (drained and rinsed)
2 avocados (avocadoes?) diced
1 can of corn
salt to taste

Dice tomatoes, onions, chop cilantro and mix in all the rest of the ingredients and serve with tortilla chips. I tasted this salsa at Jenalee Crawford's house, I loved it! I made a minor change from her recipe (it asks for italian dressing) I like it without. ENJOY!!

Monday, August 4, 2008

No Place like home

Ths past weekend we went to visit my in-laws. I love visiting family because I appreciate my home. A change of scenery is always good once in a while. Today I learned that kindness can get you what you need. Our computer has been giving us problems with the internet and other little things, the 1st time I called HP to complain, I got absolutely nothing but more frustation, the young lady told me that someone would call me back to solve my problem, guess what, no one called! So today it was my only objective to get the computer working again, I was bounced around to 4 different tech support people (with strong Indian accents) I kept my cool and sincerely thanked the last guy who was trying to help me, when I told him "I really appreciate you helping me with this problem" he said: "that's is why I am here, your computer will work again" and it did. So there you go kids, be nice even if your computer breaks down.
Have a great week....the OLYMPICS are this Friday Go Team USA!