Monday, April 19, 2010

Are you a big boy?

Cute words from Franklin.

Mama: "Franklin, are you a big boy or a baby?"

Franklin: " I'm a Fanken"


Last night I decided to watch tv after I put the kids in bed. I was flipping thru the guide and saw a show titled: "Hoarders-Buried Alive" I started watching and I was so intrigued I watched 2 episodes back to back. One good thing about the show is that it instantly motivated me to pick up after my little piggies. I can see how people would be addicted to 'stuff ' as to fill a void in their lives.  Very very intriguing. It was also interesting to see how someone could be so super attached to something as simple as an old piece of newspaper from 3 years ago. I have also known of people who are so super duper organized they freak out if the closet is not perfectly color coordinated. I guess if given a choice between these two disorders I would choose the latter. Anyway. Just thought that show was interesting and educational.
**note*** I was going to post a picture of a hoarder's place (from the internet) but felt wrong about it. Just watch the show. It's pretty jaw-dropping to see. However, they are just people with holes in their souls. Who am I to judge? Nobody. That's who I am.