Friday, January 29, 2010

Here's my shopping buddy. He loves sunglasses. Lovely!

So, as far the diaper adventure in Walgreens, DENIED!!! I went to Walgreens and all the diapers were out. I still havent given up. I will call my hubby's cousin's wife who is the coupon queen, literally, she has a blog about couponing called discountqueens, check it out over on my margin.

But, Here is what I did get:

8 Bags of Tostitos Chips

8 jars of Tostitos Salsa

6 boxes of Jell-O

2 Airwick oil refill

2 Airwick Warmers

All for exactly $20.56 and I got $10 back in Walgreens $10.56

our wooly neighbors

I love Fridays. After dropping Bella off at school, Franklin, Chachis and I went on an adventure around our neighborhood. We walked to the farm and chatted with the goats, then the sheep family came over, even a great big ram said hello to us. Goats eyes are so funky, their pupils are a vertical black slits. That was amaaaaazing. Chachis barked at them probably thinking they were deformed dogs or something.

After that we went to the mini creek and threw rocks into the water. Franklin loves to do this. Then we ran all the way home. Franklin beat me, like always.
Tomorrow I am going to attempt a major couponing feat: Walgreens and Diapers....if it all works out I will brag about it here, and if I fail, I will admit here also. Saving money on things you need can be pretty dang exciting. (Whoa Sol, you wild thing you!)

Mi quirrunguis sunguis, hijo de su mama que tanto lo quiere su mama y su papa y su 'Beya'.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

I am no "Adam"

My brother Adam is the greatest artist I have ever known, and not just because he's my cool brother, but he really is gifted and talented. Dont let me get started on how much I admire each one of my 9 siblings, I'll be here for hours counting the ways.

So the other day, I was feeling artsy fartsy and decided to draw a picture of my face sideways. Here I am self portrait of my profile. Check out that aztec nose.

Are you old? and are you tired? Well, then take Diabetes, I did and I feel great! (she thought diabetes was a medicine for old tired people)

Ya era hora

Destiny in her wisdom led me to finally clean my fridge. The strawberry syrup was mysteriously spilled by someone within the walls of this home, and I, in my lazyness, decided to simply wipe it off. Appearantly the syrup, being an adventurous food decided to travel to farther locations within the fridge, all the way down to the veggies' bin causing the bin to become welded shut. I let it go for about 1 week, I think the only veggies in there was 2 old carrots and 1 onion. On Tuesday, I worked from home and thought: "maybe if my fridge is clean and organized I will be inspired to eat better?" it took me the whole blessed day, I washed the entire interior. By the time I was done, it looked pretty empty and oh so beautiful.

One thing I love about my mother is that she is the cleanest, most organized lady in all of Mexico. Unfortunately, I am not like that. I wish I were. So, I guess I am writing this in gratitude to spilled strawberry syrup, because it lovingly persuaded me to clean the house of my food. As for eating better, I'll keep you posted.
As you can see the syrups have been summoned to the door where they can no longer cause mischief.
Also in the center of the picture is a bag of shredded cheese, if you look closely it reads 'Mexican', and always, never to be without is the biggest pack of corn tortillas.
I am proud of that clean thing I will work hard to keep it looking fresh, like the limes in the bottom-openable bin.

Lovely Boise Weather

Stay still nino! Mr. Wiggles, full of energy and joy. That's my boy

After we dropped off Papo at the airport, we decided, and when I say we, I mean "I" that we were going to have a fun time at the park. I dont know about you but I think the kids loved it. We went to the Boise river and skipped stones. We chased Franklin on the bridge, played on the awesome playground....middle of January and the weather was in the 40's, with lovely sunshine.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

fuchila chachis!

Tuesday morning, and it's raining outside, my favorite. Rain is so fresh. I love the smell of the air after it rains.

In other, not so fresh events, just before I went to sleep I was hit with the stinkiest, foulest smell I have ever smelled before. I got to me my feet. The whole house was saturated....the culprit: Chachis. She must have eaten something that made her puke the aromas of vomit mixed with sewage. I went in search and found 2 spots and immediately cleaned them up with strong chemicals. This morning I covered the spots with baking soda. I hear that stuff absorbs bad odors. Anyway. A rough early morning for me. I ended up going to sleep at 1:58 am. I was surprisingly sympathetic toward the dog. It's not her fault, she's just a dog after all. She is getting old, and her poor eyes are going. I am pretty sure she cant see out of 1 because she has a giant catarat. Anyway. Chachis has been with us since we were married. She is a cool dog, unique looking and very super duper loyal. I hope she stays with us for a long long time.