Monday, December 14, 2009

Recipes from Chef Rick Bayless - Rick Bayless | Frontera

Another fun thing I did this weekend was to cook. I get so inspired, not to mention hungry, when I watch Rick Bayless cooking show on PBS, it's called: Mexico, One Plate at a Time. I have his website on the margin, right there on the right hand side of this blog under 'AWESOME MEXICAN RECIPES'. I like this show/website because you can learn about food and real mexican traditions. The last show I saw featured enchiladas. Here is the recipe I tried out this weekend. My picky eater ate them all up, so you know they are good, dont let the color mislead you, they are mmm mmm mmmm deliciosas! (Oigame No!)

Well, the weather outside is frightful and inside it's so delightful, as my boy naps while I am at work.

When I have no patients at the office I like to bring my boy so that I can watch him and teach him his abc's. He naps a good chunk of the time I'm here so that allows me to work on a few calls.

This weekend seemed non-existant because it went by so fast. I must say that I feel very accomplished due to my novice sewing machine skills. My mom, who is in Mexico, advised me on a few sewing machine basics. Bella suggested on Friday night that we get Christmas Stockings. I almost bought some at WM, they had cheapy ones for $2 each. They really looked weak, then I thought, 'I should sew some with my sewing machine that has never been used'. So on Saturday we got some material (2 blankets actually at $5 each) Zach cut out 8 boot shape patterns and I sewed them together. It took a long time because I had no clue what I was doing on the sewing machine. I think I finally got it. Now all that is missing is the white trimming on top of the stockings. Bella n Franklin are going to decorate their stockings tonight for family night. I will take pics with my ph. camera and post them later.