Monday, August 16, 2010


This summer I am taking part in a community garden. I went to it last week to get pull some weeds and pick some veggies. The corn is not quite ready. We got a good rainfall the same day I went to the garden so I ruined my tennis shoes. Mud plastered the entire shoes! I put them in the washer and that ruined them. I got some nice produce that day.
Cebollas, Tomates, Ejotes (green beans), pepinos, zuchinni,squash, basil and thai pepers.


A.D.D. is alive and well. I went outside to get the newspaper before going to work. Right outside the door was the hose, all over the place; so I gathered it up and noticed the flowers and peppers were thirsty. Naturally I watered them, I rolled up the hose and even pulled some weeds. After 15 minutes, I went back inside and guess what, NO NEWSPAPER! The good thing about that experience was that I saw the fruits of my labor. The peppers were growing rampant. It felt good to see those big-o anaheim peppers. I felt super grateful the rest of the day. And yes, I went back and got the paper.