Monday, July 7, 2008

More Weekend Updates

Gramps and Granny on Sunday
Here are all the grandkids, what is wrong with my child, she is stuck in supermodel mode
Ma' and Pa' and the Boys
We have had a great weekend. My parents in law are very hospitable. My mother in law has written a book/screenplay titled Seven Sisters, and I taught her the very little I know about blogging, she has a website for the screenplay and will start a blog on it as well. If you are reading this, you may want to check it out it is very good, lots of history.
Burke taught me a little on how to have other income sources, he has some serious investments all over the place, I really need to change my mentality of "just enough to pay the bills" to "prepare for the future without having to work until the day I die" unless you really enjoy working you should work because you enjoy it not because you have to.
Another big part of visiting the in-laws is eating and eating. They have the best food at their house every time we go visit. On Saturday we had grilled cornish hen and on Sunday we had hamburgers and hotdogs. YUM! I really enjoy spending time with them and so do my kids, well Bella, Franklin is happy pretty much anywhere he goes. It was also very nice to have Wally and Granny have the 3 boys home, Don has been living out of the U.S. for a long long time. I took advantage of the situation and took pictures of them together. We were only missing Paula Michelle to have the complete family together. Maybe soon, we will have that opportunity.
In other news, my sister Leticia flew to Mexico today to visit our mom and sister Mari. I am next, not sure when but hopefully soon. Mari and I will be communicating via internet, it is really cool to talk with her and be able to see her in her webcam and they can see us as well. I LOVE TECHNOLOGY!
Anyway, I have some serious work to do around the house and water my jalapenos. Great Night Everyone!