Wednesday, September 3, 2008

More cool Great Grandchildren!

Grandma with a few granddaughters

yes, more!

My Main Men!

Carolyn and her Idaho Granddaughters, we miss our beautiful cousin Jackie!!(Wish you were here!)

Don and Paula say CHEESE!

Here is Barbara is her all her 5 kids, all grown, this is neat!


Here is Aunt Carolyn Crawford with her lovely daughter Barbara Taylor. The Crawfords are super cool!
Aunt Lana Vaterlaus with here celestial blue eyes!

Belli and Jazzie, cute!

Zachy Bennett with his biggo beautiful eyes!

Jaxon the Great!

94yrs. young!

On Saturday, August 30th a big majority of the Bennett Family gathered to celebrate Grandma Bennett's 94th birthday in beautiful Logan UTAH. The family reserved a conference room at the Golden Corral, it was for a group of about 50 and we didnt all fit there. No one did a head count of all who attended, but we know it was more than 50. Barbara Bennett, what a special lady! She is loved by many!

Here is Grandma Bennett with her favorite grandkid Zach (I think that is what she says of all her grandchildren) Zach is holding his little boy Franklin, gorgous boy Bennett (that's what I say about my kids)

Bear hug from Chabela to her Great-Grandma!

Uncle Lynn's Family, say cheese!!!

Lynn and Alice, Gene and Phyllis look over here!

Say Cheese, this is Lana's daughter and her husband, and more great-grandkids that are great!

Primer Paso (1st Step)

On Thursday, August 28th Franklin Z. Bennett took 5 steps in our livingroom. He is still working on the walking progress, taking baby steps. He is going to need running shoes pretty soon!

Roseola, hello again!

I went on picture memory lane and found a picture of Belli when she had Roseola, as you can see she also caught a case of the fractured arm! Poor baby! Hers was much worse than Franklin, we took a couple of trips to the ER, we were new parents and knew nothing! With Franklin we were a little more prepared.

Franklin was hit with Roseola, no fun!!!

...But still he smiles, how blessed am I?

Roseola is a relative of the Measles, second cousins or something like that. It starts with a super high fever that doesnt go away for 4 days (no more than that,at least with my 2 angels), then, the baby's torso get little red bumps. It is said that it is not contagious. Franklin is doing much better now!