Saturday, November 1, 2008

Mas fotos en Halloween

The cutest witch in town. People would tell her "What a cute witch you are!" the which she responded each time "yep!"

Granny and her easy Halloween custome, creative Carolyn!

Yeay! it's Halloween, bring on the candy!!

Franklin was inspecting the pumpkins and making sure they glowed properly for the trick-r-treaters. They passed inspection!

Happy Halloween

We had a Happy Day on Friday except for...Zach lost his keys. If there is one thing is good at is keeping his things in their place. It is always me who loses keys, the remote, my phone... He had to borrow my key to get to work. I set out on search of those darn keys. I turned sofas over and looked under the cushions, under the mattress and in all the rooms...everywhere. Zach pretty much had a terrible day wondering where he could have lost his keys. I knew that Mr. Handsome Franklin had taken them and mysteriously placed them somewhere where we could not find them.
That afternoon Wally and Carolyn (Gramps and Granny) came up to visit. We went out to dinner the whole family. It was really nice to spend time with them. When we got home we still couldnt find the keys. The next morning I went over all the places again, I remembered I hadn't looked in the little storage room under the stair. We have a few sacks of flour there and I decided to move them to the side to look under there, and VOILA! there they were under 4 big sacks of flour. I am sure many of you have had your keys mysteriously disappear on you, know for sure the culprit is your little kid. So that was Friday, the trick was that the keys were lost, the treat was that we had a lot of fun with Gramps and Granny.
I took Bella trick or treating around our house. We got a late start and it got dark really fast so we didnt make bank on candy, but there is always next year! We had about 5 trick-r-treaters come to our door so we have a bunch of skittles and starburst left over! Candy anyone?
Hope you all had a good and safe and fun Halloween.