Monday, September 10, 2012

Zucchini Quesadillas

There is nothing like eating a nice, home cooked meal. If you are really hungry, you can cook a bunch and eat 'til your belly says "that's good, I'm happy now".  If you go to a restaurant, say, a certain burger place that sells things for $, but, satisfying? not so much, at least not for me. I eat one of those cheesy burgers and I still feel hungry and weighed down. My mouth feels like it has been lined with a thick film of grease, mmmm, mmmm, I'm not loving it!

So today after work I reheated yesterday's dinner. And also I made some simple quesadillas. (At church yesterday a lovely person shared the bounties of their garden with us. They shared a good bunch of zucchinis. So I took one. Thank you for sharing!)

I am going to share with you guys what I made for dinner tonight. Super easy, and very filling. I called my creation:                   Zucchini Quesadillas

I like corn tortillas, you can use flour if you like
them more.
get some good quality cheese

meet the stars of my garden
garlic=flavor...dont worry about
garlic breath, there's always gum or
mouthwash for that
sautee your zucchinis with a bit of olive
oil or butter.


Get a skillet and place it over medium heat. Warm up your tortillas until they are nice and bendy. Place a nice slice of cheese, add your already sauteed zuchinnis (I threw in chopped red peppers while I sauteed because I happen to be addicted to peppers, don't judge me please!) Close up your tortilla and let it heat up until cheese is melted.

quesadillas must be made in 2's so they dont get
lonely in the plate.


Get a nice cold soda, or water or whatever drink you like and then.....


make them disappear!

enjoy your quick easy zucchini quesadillas!


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